Supplements to Boost Testosterone

When I first heard there were supplements to boost T levels, I was a big-time skeptic.

You see, when I started my fitness blog over 10 years ago, the Internet was littered with fake Advertorial blogs.

Do you remember these?

Typically they would use Doctor Oz and his image to sell a questionable supplement.

I remember Garcinia Cambogia was a big one.

Here’s an example.

The lame thing about the Garcinia Cambogia claim was the meta-study in 2011 that looked at 23 studies wasn’t even impressive.

Only .88kg of weight loss compared to the placebo over 8 weeks.

Less than 1 pound per month.

So when I first heard of Tongkat Ali, I was skeptical.

But Andrew Huberman, a current Professor at Standford School of Medicine, kept talking about it.

*Dr. Huberman has seen a 100+ point boost in testosterone from Tongkat Ali alone in many of the clients he has worked with.

He also personally takes it daily.

This was different from the Dr. Oz blogs, where others were using his image to profit.

Andrew Huberman was making these claims directly.

At the time…

I was personally taking Boron, Zinc, and Magnesium to optimize testosterone.

I decided to give Tongkat Ali a try, and I became a believer.

Shortly after that, I created Kino Mojo with boron, zinc, magnesium, Tongkat Ali, and forskohlii.

When I launched Mojo, I thought we helped people increase their testosterone by about 10%.

I would have been thrilled with those results.

That’s a significant number.

But we have been seeing much more dramatic results.

We’re seeing people increase their Total testosterone by 200 points.

We’ve even seen increases of 300-400 points.

Guys are increasing their Free testosterone by 20-30% on the low end…

And then 50% all the way up to 3X on the high end.

The results people are getting have surpassed my wildest expectations.

The lesson in all this?

You have much more control over your body than we initially thought.

There are some overhyped supplements.

But there are some incredible ones as well.

We have known Boron, Zinc, and Magnesium help testosterone levels… but adding Tongkat Ali really takes it up a notch.

And we included Forskohlii to further increase testosterone…

One Forskohlii study showed a 17% increase in testosterone and 9 pounds of fat loss in just 12 weeks.

There has also been a meta-analysis of 7 studies showing significant fat loss supplementing with Forskohlii.

*I think Forskohlii will be the next breakthrough supplement that many people will focus on.

I’m so pumped we included it in Mojo.

This further increases T-levels and is helping guys get lean.

It simply steps up the effects of Mojo.

Mojo is such a f*ckn game-changing supplement…

But I really think Mojo works best when combined with Nitro.

Nitro contains the best natural ingredients for blood flow.

It contains Pine Bark and Grape Seed Extract, extremely potent antioxidants that fight free radical damage from the sun and from exercising.

It also works like a natural Viagra.

Mojo will increase your sex drive, and Nitro will allow you to go several rounds with a rock-hard erection each time.

Nitro simply complements Mojo so well.

You can get these both in The Mojo Stack.

Try this stack for at least 2-3 months.

It will turn you from a skeptic into a believer.

Tomorrow I’m going to discuss an overlooked aspect of getting in great shape.

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Greg O’Gallagher

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