Kino VIP Member Shares How He’s Meeting Hot Women

I have to share this with you.

There’s a Kino Warrior in Germany who joined Kino VIP last week.

He came up with a brilliant way to meet beautiful women.

He posted it in the group.

I got his permission to share this.

Such a great idea.

My name is Ans. I’m 26 and live in Munich, Germany. 5‘10 and currently at 177 lbs.

My day job is working as an engineer in the automotive space.

Being an engineer who works remotely from home, it was really hard for me to network, socialize, and date.

To deal with this…

I started organizing cool events for influencers in my city to meet people.

And I also got to meet a lot of girls this way.

Few months in…

I was hanging out with local celebrities.

And every girl that got connected with me had a lot of attraction towards me initially because of my perceived status.

But this attraction didn‘t last very long.

Checkout my IG for context of the events: @anskhalidm

The problem dating these models (top 10% attractive girls) is that I am competing with the men who are in Top 1% of everything.

I have the status and social selection, but I don’t have that top tier physique, yet!

Just other day…

I self reflected that if I can’t force myself to be attracted to even slightly overweight girls as it’s all subconscious, then the reverse (girls having attraction towards me) is also subconscious.

It will be easier if I was in good shape.

I never had visible abs in my life and over the holidays last year I gained a lot weight and jumped up to 186lbs.

My goal right now is to become the most attractive version of myself and get down to 10% BF before this summer.

I have already lost 10lbs in the last 3 weeks with the steps and being in the deficit.

I hope that the transformation in my physique will help me with a few points in looks scale and create that subconscious attraction.

I will be documenting my journey of my mind and body and here on this forum… and keep myself accountable with you gents being around.

Last year my goal was to create a high status social media profile and elite social circle which I achieved 100%.

This year I am focusing on Looks maxxing and learning sales.

If you guys have similar goals then hit me up 💪🏻

I frickin love his story!

This is EXACTLY why I created Kino VIP.

You will meet other high-achievers who have high standards for their lives.

Guys who want to not only get the best physiques possible…

But also want to excel in all other areas of life.

You become like the people you associate most with.

When your friends are all successful…

It shifts your thinking.

Your subconscious begins to think bigger.

You begin to understand that everything you want IS attainable.

My plan is to turn Kino VIP into the place you spend time in daily to expand your thinking about what is possible in your life.

Obviously, physique transformations will be a major focus.

And everyone who follows our advice will get absolutely chiseled and shredded.

That is a given.

But why not aim for excellence in every facet of life?

In our coaching group…

  • You’ll meet others ahead of you in certain areas.
  • Learn from them so you can implement what they did to succeed faster.
  • And you will help others where you are strong.

We are focusing on physique for now, but my goal is to grow this into a group that goes beyond this… a mastermind of high achievement.

If you join us now…

You will be locked in at the charter membership price of $99 per month.

Kino VIP (Charter Member)

At some point, we plan on raising the price.

I also want to thank Ans for letting me share his story.

Maybe I can talk him into throwing a group meetup in Munich, Germany.

His parties look incredible!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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