Testosterone and Fat Loss

I talk a lot about T levels and gaining muscle.

Testosterone stimulates muscle protein synthesis.

This is one reason men have a much easier time adding muscle than women.

Testosterone also helps you get lean.

It’s explained in a paper titled…

In simple terms, testosterone stops fat cells from taking in lipids and stops an enzyme from storing fat.

It also tells the body to break down stored fat.

Plus, testosterone keeps new fat cells from forming.

This is why Kino Mojo is so effective for fat loss.

The testosterone increase makes it so much easier to get lean…

Don’t underestimate this.

Yes, you will gain muscle more easily with higher T.

You’ll be more ambitious.




But you will also find it much easier to drop body fat and get shredded.

If you have stubborn body fat you can’t seem to shake?

Get Kino Mojo

Give it at least 3 months to see the full effects.

Works right away…

But the dramatic results tend to happen at the 2-3 month mark.

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