“Testosterone Makes Effort Feel Good”

Here’s a quote by Stanford Neurobiologist Andrew Huberman.

“Testosterone makes effort feel good.”

Andrew believes this may be one of the most important effects of testosterone.

What is interesting is that when you feel good, you are also likely to produce even more testosterone.

It kind of builds on itself.

He has also mentioned that the most successful people enjoy hard work.

Not just for the reward.

The actual work feels good.

*Used 130lb dumbbells recently for inclines.

I love lifting weights and not just for the results it gives.

I like pushing myself.

If you can get to the point where you actually ENJOY hard work?

You become f*ckn unstoppable.

When hard work is more fun than watching TV… this is when your world will shift.

Most guys will have a tough time getting to this point.

Mainly because t-levels are low.

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