Well, THAT Was Awkward…

So I decided to get a massage this past Tuesday.

Haven’t had one in a while.

And I get this idea…

I’ll do three Nitros.

It’s good for blood flow to get the blood moving for this massage.

Then the woman giving me the massage walks in.

And sure enough, this woman is pretty damn attractive.

28, maybe 29 years old.

She’s looking pretty hot (pretty, pretty good).

And we’re doing the massage.

I’m on my stomach in the beginning, and it’s all good.

I turn over.

She starts working the inner thighs.

And I get a full-on f*cking iron rod.

I have a raging hard-on the whole time with some Enya or some shit playing in the background.

So I have to lay there for like another 45 minutes with a straight face.

She is giving me a massage and doing her best to pretend I’m not pitching a tent.

The lesson?

Do NOT take Nitro before a massage!

It is a massive mistake.

I learned the HARD way (pun intended).

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Talk Soon,

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