The #1 Green Flag to Look for in a Girl

Here’s the #1 green flag I look for in a girl.

I was in LA about five years ago, and I met this beautiful Austrian model on Instagram.

We were hanging out, we clicked, we got along amazingly well.

And so she ended up staying with me.

Everything was perfect.

But I would wake up in the middle of night and couldn’t sleep.

I was boiling. I was hot, and I’d get up like, what the hell is going on here?

I look at the thermostat.

She turned up to 73 degrees. 73 degrees!

I think she snuck out of bed and turned it up when I was sleeping.

I would knock it all the way down to 64.

I was like, “Look, Sarah, this isn’t gonna work out”.

When a woman can hang. She can handle 65 or even 62.

She cuddles up next to you.

That is a keeper.

That’s a trooper she’s in!

She’s ride or die. She’s ain’t gonna be complaining.

This is my little litmus test…

When I have a sleepover I turn that temperature down to 62-64 with the fan on.

And if she doesn’t complain?

I’m like, she’s amazing. She’s incredible. I’m in love, LMAO.

Here’s the funny thing about this story.

There was a time in life when I would pumped if a pretty girl even talked to me.

Not anymore.

I’ve become a high-value man, and I’m the one who gets to be choosy.

I want to help you get there as well.

Because it’s a f*ckn incredible place to be in life.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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