The 15% Body Fat “Tipping Point”

There’s a specific body fat percentage that is significant.

Once guys break below this level, their physique seems to improve rapidly.

It’s right around the 15% body fat level.

Here’s what 15% looks like.

Around 15%, you will start to see lean muscle definition.

You won’t have a ton of definition, but you can start to see separations between your abdominal muscles.

Depending on genetics, you will see either a six pack or four pack.

Most guys who look muscular in the gym float around the 15-20% body fat level.

That 15% level is significant.

It takes a bit of a push to get below 15% body fat.

*I consider this a “Tipping Point”.

What I mean by that is once you get below 15% body fat, your body begins to respond better to your workouts (and diet).

  • Fat loss accelerates
  • Strength levels increase
  • Easier to gain muscle

The reason for this is that a lean body produces more testosterone.

The higher your body fat, the lower your testosterone levels become.

If you are above 15%, you are in a tough spot.

Here’s a rough estimate to tell if you are within range of getting past this tipping point…

*If you are a man around 5’10 – 6’1 tall, your waist should be around 32-33 inches, and if you are taller, it should be around 34 inches.

The tough thing about being above 15% and having low-t is that testosterone helps you get lean.

If you are right around this range?

Dial in your diet and focus harder than normal for a couple of months.

Avoid cheat meals or bingeing as much as possible.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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