The Basic Equation of Muscle Mass

Gaining muscle can be broken down into this simple equation.

Muscle Mass = Rate of Protein Synthesis – Rate of Protein Breakdown

  • You GAIN muscle when protein synthesis is greater than breakdown.
  • You LOSE muscle when protein breakdown is greater than synthesis.
  • You MAINTAIN muscle when these rates match.

When you are dieting hard, protein synthesis slows down.

Protein breakdown increases.

The rate of breakdown can exceed synthesis, causing muscle loss.

The absolute best way to combat this, without increasing calories, is by supplementing with BCAAs.

*Kino Aminos contain the three amino acids Valine, Isoleucine, and Leucine. These three amino acids are considered branched chain (BCAAs) and are tied to gaining muscle.

Supplementing with BCAAs help you gain muscle because the equation works in your favor.

They increase muscle synthesis.

They reduce protein breakdown.

This is hard to accomplish without BCAAs when calories are low.

We added one more ingredient to Kino Aminos that puts this formula over-the-top… HMB.

HMB stands for beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate.

It is extremely effective for reducing protein breakdown.

HMB is so effective at reducing protein breakdown, in fact, that studies suggest it should be used for hospitalized adults to maintain muscle mass.

It’s also extremely hard to get significant HMB in your diet.

*I’ve read that you would have to eat 5,000+ avocados to get just a few grams of HMB.

You aren’t going to get a significant amount of HMB in your diet.

You need to supplement it.

This is why we decided to include it in our Kino Aminos formula.

HMB combined with the BCAAs puts your body in a HIGHLY anabolic state even when calories are low.

Protein synthesis becomes high, and protein breakdown gets significantly reduced.

If your goal is to get shredded and chiseled AF?

This formula will make all the difference.

Kino Aminos (Anabolic BCAA + HMB formula)

Take one serving 15-30 minutes before each workout.

I also recommend taking it before going for a walk on the days you aren’t lifting.

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