“The Best Transformation Yet”

I think people overestimate how much fat they can lose in 6-8 weeks but…

People underestimate what can happen in 4-5 months.

I posted a before-and-after picture on my Instagram account yesterday.

Someone commented…

It really is an impressive transformation.

This guy lost 35 pounds of fat in 5 months following the Aggressive Fat Loss protocol.

About 7 pounds lost per month.

He added a bit of muscle in the process too, so probably lost more than 35 pounds of body fat.

He used my Aggressive Fat Loss program which sells for $97.

Instead of purchasing that course…

I recommend picking up the Movie Star Masterclass.

Aggressive Fat Loss is just 1 of the 4 nutrition protocols we cover:

  1. “Cutting protocol” to slice off fat and get chiseled.
  2. “Aggressive Fat Loss protocol” to push fat loss into high gear and cut fat quickly.
  3. “Recomp protocol” to maintain your weight and tighten up.
  4. “Lean Bulk protocol” to gain 8-10 lbs of lean mass in four months.

I map out calorie and macronutrient intake regardless of your goals.

We have you covered year-round when it comes to diet.

Movie Star Masterclass is everything you need to know A-to-Z when it comes to getting a muscular, chiseled physique.

All the materials have been created from scratch.

Including 30 brand NEW high production videos where I demonstrate every single exercise.

The video quality here makes a difference…

You’ll be able to see exercise cues and proper form in more detail than anything I’ve seen online (it’s f*ckn incredible).

And now is the perfect time to begin your transformation.

Summer is just around the corner.

Pick this up today and make 2023 your year.

Movie Star Masterclass

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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