“The Cheat Code”

When I begin to work with someone…

Often they are running in circles.

Cycling between 15 to 20% body fat.

Here’s the thing.

The person they see themselves as right now is NOT going to be the person that transforms.

There needs to be a shift in mindset.

Mental programming is everything.

I’ve developed a methodology to DESTROY limited thinking.

This allows guys to hit really big PRs week after week, and to get to the top echelon of leanness, where it feels like your body’s programmed to be lean.

This is when results accelerate.

It’s a cheat code.

The trick is that it takes a little bit of repetition to get this down.

This is why our Kinobody Coaching is so powerful.

Part of the coaching program is for me to teach you these mental drills (you absorb this cheat code with just a bit of repetition).

It’s like in The Matrix when Neo is in his chair, and he puts in the chip. And he’s like, “I know kung fu”.

On the calls, I’m doing the same thing.

The beauty of this?

These mental drills are gonna benefit you in the gym, but these are equally as powerful to use in life in general.

The crazy part is that what I’m teaching you almost feels effortless.

  • Nothing I ask you to do is hard
  • It doesn’t take much time
  • You will walk before you run

Then when that switch goes off in your mind?

You will f*ckn progress at a speed you never thought possible.

If you are ready to implement this in your life.

If you are ready to level up?

Check out our coaching program.

Kinobody Coaching

Once you learn the framework I teach on the calls, you will be able to quickly accomplish other goals in your life as well.

A shredded movie star body and a great life can be a reality for you.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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