The Flow State

Spending just 15 minutes in a flow state is more productive than 8 hours out of flow.

In the flow state…

Uour focus reaches a higher level, and you excel at whatever task you are trying to accomplish.

Your mind becomes hyper-efficient.

The flow is when your biggest breakthroughs will happen.

Time can either fly by… or stand still.

John Lennon was definitely in a flow state when he wrote the song “Imagine”.

*Supposedly he wrote and composed this song in one sitting early morning in 1971 on a Steinway piano from his bedroom.Here’s the thing…

You have definitely experienced the flow state.

Have you ever been in a zone playing a sport?

Perhaps you were playing basketball and almost every shot went in.

The flow can happen socially as well.

Have you ever experienced a magical night where you seemed to just know the right thing to say?

*We have all had days where we just seem to be “on”.If you look back on your life, my guess is that most of your best memories happened when you were in some type of flow state…

Because when your brain is dialed in like this, you are FULLY present.

It’s the opposite of being distracted.

Being distracted stops people from enjoying life to the maximum.

Think about that.

If you are distracted you aren’t really experiencing what is happening right NOW.

Focus is SUCH an underrated skill.

*The ability to focus is what all pro athletes, billionaire CEOs, artists, and musicians have in common.

Being distracted or scatter-brained is a dream killer.

Your greatest achievements in life will happen when you have complete focus.

Being focused and present is also a key to happiness.

Once you understand this, don’t you want to hit this state of flow and focus more often?

I know I do.

This is why I created Kino Brain.

At first, I just came up with a formulation to use personally.

This product didn’t exist, so I had to create it.

It turned out way better than I could have imagined.

Kino Brain: All Natural Nootropic

This shit is the real deal, and nothing on the market comes close to it.

You need to experience this.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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