The Greek Yogurt Trick

If you aren’t eating Greek yogurt, you are missing out.

I’ve been eating it daily lately since it is so darn satisfying.

Greek yogurt is already awesome…

I like to improve on it.

*This works well with any brand of Greek yogurt that is 2% fat.

I like a little fat because it is more satisfying than non-fat.

Choose plain or vanilla.

Fill a regular-sized cereal bowl with Greek yogurt.

That should be around 180 calories and 21 grams of protein.

Then mix in Kino Collagen Protein and a sliced banana.

Doing this turns the Greek Yogurt into a delicious Chocolate, Mocha, or Vanilla dessert.

This winds up being roughly 360 calories and 40 grams of protein.

It’s super satisfying.

I have ZERO hunger for hours.

The interesting thing is that I tried this with Whey protein and it didn’t mix into the yogurt.

With collagen, it blends as well as a pudding.

This is a game-changer if you are dieting to get lean.

Have this as your first meal about 4-6 hours after waking up.

You won’t be hungry again until dinner.

The Collagen + Yogurt combo also gives you the perfect amino acid profile for building muscle.

What a lot of people don’t know is that…

Calcium is also good for fat loss.

A 2009 study found that calcium improved fat excretion by 10% on diets.

So adding calcium to your diet accelerates fat loss.

Make sure and give this Greek yogurt hack a try.

Eat this daily as your first meal.

Grab Kino Collagen Protein and mix it into a bowl of Greek yogurt.

I bet you will notice a difference in getting lean in just a couple of weeks.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


Greek yogurt also contains natural probiotics.

This will help digest more of the protein you consume, etc.

So Greek yogurt is already a great thing to include in your diet…

Kino Collagen Protein makes it even better.


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