The Importance of Neck Size

I’ve noticed a common trait shared by heartthrob actors.

Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, etc.

These guys all have pretty thick necks.

One thing I see with a lot of my clients who transform their bodies.

The ones that had the best transformations.

The ones had the best final product.

They naturally had thicker necks.

Because I’ve had friends of mine that do my workouts here and there, and some of them get tons of compliments that some of them don’t.

And the weirdest thing ever was that it was the neck.

Your neck actually connects your body and your face.

And so if your neck is skinny, it’s not in proportion.

It’s gonna ruin the whole aesthetic.

*Brad Pitt has both a thick neck and a square jaw, a killer combo.

Your face won’t look as good and masculine, and your body won’t look as impressive.

If you wear a button-down dress shirt, you got these big shoulders and chest with a skinny neck?

You look weird. It looks off.

Here’s what I do for my training to build my neck.

1. The Reverse Neck Curl: Lie on a bench face down with your head hanging off the end. Put a lightweight on the back of your head and curl all the way up. You want to pick a weight you can do for 20-30 reps. Don’t go heavy with low reps, and don’t strain.

2. Normal Neck Curl: You should be a little stronger in this one. Really focus on using your neck, don’t cheat by using your body or arms. Stick with 20-30 reps on this one as well. Do NOT go to the point where you can barely get the rep because that is when you will injure yourself.

Do 3-4 sets of each exercise.

Start light and just add a little more weight to each set (like start with maybe 10 pounds, then 15, 20, and 25 as an example).

You only need to do this 1-2 times per week at the end of a workout.

Here’s why I think women find this so attractive.

A thick neck is an indicator of high testosterone.

Your neck, traps, shoulders, and your chest actually have a higher density of Android receptors.

So people with more testosterone experience more growth in the neck and traps.

It’s a sign that you have higher testosterone.

It’s a similar evolutionary thing that men have when we are attracted to women with wider hips and a small waist.

It’s an indicator of fertility.

We are magnetically drawn to this.

So a bigger neck makes you look more masculine.

And a smaller neck will ruin that.

Not only does a thick neck indicate higher testosterone levels, high testosterone levels can make it easier to increase your neck size.

Another important point about neck size…

One thing that can happen is the neck gets smaller when cutting to 8%.

So training the neck can help you look much bigger at low body fat.

One last thing I’ve actually been noticing is this…

Since taking Kino Mojo I’ve noticed an increase in neck size.

I’m getting better results from my neck training now.

Yet another reason this supplement is second-to-none.

So if you have a thin awkward looking neck, work on that!

It will make a difference.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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