The Kinobody Facebook Community Reboot!

A big update for Spring of 2023.

We are now opening up the Kinobody Facebook Group to everyone interested in talking about Kinobody strategies.

In the past, we required that a community member own either Warrior Shredding Program, Greek God, Superhero, Aggressive Fat Loss, or Movie Star Body.

This is no longer a requirement.

One of the reasons for this is that our supplement line has exploded.

Many of our supplement customers are still new to the Kinobody lifting methodology.

I don’t want to exclude those people from this group.

I want to use this group to discuss the Kinobody approach:

  • Reverse pyramid training
  • 2-3 workouts per week
  • 10,000 daily steps
  • Fasting in the morning
  • Hitting strength standards
  • Getting shredded
  • Recipes
  • etc.

More people will be able to see what we’re about.

Join in the madness.

And then share their own experiences and results, etc.

My goal is to post 3-4 times per week in here.

Although I’m busy on Instagram and Youtube, I feel like I’ve been neglecting Facebook a bit.

It makes sense to build the FB Group up.

Here’s why…

One area where Facebook excels over YT and Instagram is that YOU can initiate and start conversations and threads here.

You aren’t able to do that on YT or Insta.

Having a FB Group makes this possible.

So make sure and join us.

The Kinobody Facebook Group

See ya in the group.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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