The Kinobody “Secret Society”

Sometimes the best things are slightly hidden out of sight.

For instance…

In a lot of the larger cities, Speakeasy bars are becoming a thing again.

Here’s an example of an awesome one in London.

There’s a hidden bar located in a fake tailor shop called the “Discount Suit Company.”

They purposely make this look like a rundown suit store, and it’s located in the garment district in London.

The sign is missing letters.

There’s even a tacky yellow sign that says “alterations while u wait” on the outside of the store.

To the side of this fake storefront is a Black Door.

You wouldn’t even notice it unless someone pointed it out.

When you open the door, you walk down a set of stairs to a bar hidden in the basement.

The ceilings are low, and the place is small.

It has limited space and tends to fill up quickly on the weekends.

Why would a bar or business make a place that is hard to find?

This is a way to find only the best customers…

It’s a filtering mechanism.

If you’re not in the know, you can walk right by the place and never even notice it’s there.

Only people truly seeking this bar will get to experience it, so it is filled with people f*ckn pumped to be there.

I have something similar in place with Kinobody.

I like finding people who are already loyal Kinobody customers and offer a deeper experience.

An opportunity to absolutely level up your physique.

Beyond what you thought was possible.

Space is limited, which is why this is kind of a hidden offer only presented to those who meet a specific criteria.

I have a short video with all the details here…

Open The Black Door

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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