The Magic of Weighted Dips

If you aren’t using weighted dips in your routine, you are missing out.

Here’s why.

It’s easy to plateau on bench press.

Same with the incline press.

Guys will get stuck on these lifts for years without changing things up.

What they SHOULD do is put their focus on weighted dips for a few months.

Weighted Dips are f*cking awesome.

They are the most responsive upper body lift in the world.

Meaning the strength gains on this exercise are easier and more consistent than ANY other upper body lift.

It’s almost like an upper-body squat.

I’m not somebody who squats a lot now, but I did early on.

With squats, you never really hit plateaus like other lifts.

It’s the same thing with dips.

The strength gains keep coming.

And eventually, you are able to dip with a pretty impressive amount of weight.

When you add 50 lbs to your weighted Dips, that will translate to a shit ton of size to your chest, triceps, and delts.

Plus it strengthens your bones.

And toughens your body up to handle a lot of weight.

You can substitute weighted dips for the flat bench or close grip bench in any of my programs.

I like to do these for just 2 sets.

Heavy set for 6 reps and lighter set for 8 reps (30 lbs lighter).

The trick is to find a good belt to add resistance.

7 years ago I created a custom belt.

I released it to the Kino community and it sold out quickly.

Here’s my original video for it.

Actual quote from the video“I made this belt because frankly, all the other belts were killing my manhood and I cannot let that happen. I want little Gregory’s to walk around someday. I don’t want to have my dick torn off in a freak chin-up accident.”

So stupid and awesome, LMAO.

Good news.

We have FINALLY restocked the Kino belt.

The Kino Belt

Quantities are limited.

This is way better than those chain belts.

Those mess with your junk.

So grab this ASAP.

Your future family is counting on you!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


The Kino belt video was made 7 years ago.

I’ve made a lot of progress since then.

Back then, I was able to dip with 140 pounds.

Within a few years, I was able to dip with 205.

This really added a ton of density, detail, and size to my physique.

Weighted dips and weighted chins did a lot for me.

Every time I got stronger with weighted dips…

I was able to lift more on the bench press, incline press, shoulder press, etc.

Which really improved any weak points.

Seriously, add 50 pounds to your dip and watch what happens.

Grab the Kino Belt.

Then focus on dips for 4-6 months.