The Night Walk Strategy: Key to a Leaner Physique

Here’s a little summer shred method that works well.

It’s not sustainable to do forever.

But if you’re going to cut, like the last 5-10 pounds, that’s when I’d really recommend it.

One thing that really helps push fat loss and get leaner every single day is the night walk.

Because typically you’re eating a bigger meal for dinner.

If you can just do a night walk after, it helps so much.

A lot of times after someone eats, they’re lying on the couch, not moving, maybe snacking a bit. 

Having that hour-long walk at night works like a charm.

It’s also a positive feedback loop because if you get in this walk, you’re more likely to be consistent with your calories.

So for me, what works best is this.

  • Keeping the diet strict during the day
  • Kino Collagen + Greek yogurt and a banana for lunch
  • Eating a nice, big, filling, satisfying dinner
  • Getting a little night walk in
  • Finishing my last dessert calories after

I do this, and I’m leaner every day.

It’s really fun if you can do it with a friend and have a nice place to walk with some scenery.

It’s amazing, but even alone, it’s reflection time and peaceful.

Like, what else are you going to be doing?

Most people are just going to be scrolling through Instagram for an hour.

I’ve got to get out of the house and do something.

Throw on an audiobook, a podcast, etc.

It’s my new little strategy, because right now I’ve just been taking one step forward, one step back… getting down to 177 and then back up to 180.

I’m going to do an hour, hour and a half walk at night so I leave nothing up to chance.

I find that if I get a walk in at night?

I’m more dialed on my calories in the evening when most people’s diets fall apart.

Human behavior is interesting

If you do a walk in the evening, you want to keep your diet on point.

But if you just have a big dinner, then lie on the couch?

It’s easy to start grazing.

The night walk cuts that negative pattern.

If someone came to me needing to get lean for a movie in 6-8 weeks, the simplest thing I’d tell them is…

“Yeah, do the calorie deficit, but I want you to walk for an hour or hour and a half every single night when most people screw up their diet. Max out that step counter before bed and then have a little snack.”

If you just position that walk right, everything falls into place.

Don’t do this if you live somewhere unsafe for night walks.

But if you have a walking treadmill desk, you can do this at home while watching movies.

A lot of those under-the-desk treadmills are only about $200-$300.

You could even create a whole group out of this…

This week we’re watching James Bond movies on our walk, this week listening to bitcoin podcasts, this week just talking about health and happiness.”

I could see building a community around doing this night walk each day.

When I was in Barcelona, one thing we did was go out for dinner, then do our night walk after.

You just get leaner because you eat this big meal tipping yourself into almost a surplus, then go into this very fat loss-oriented state.

You’re inducing the next fat loss phase faster.

I really think it helps people dial in their diet if they can commit to this night walk idea.

I prefer splitting the walking up.

A morning walk and a night walk.

Let’s say you did all your steps in the morning and got 12,000 steps by 6pm.

That’s good.

But then you’re coming to this dinner, maybe eating a lot because you’re hungry, grazing after, having dessert, and might overeat.

Whereas if you did 6,000 steps, then another 6,000 after your big dinner, you just don’t need to eat as much.

The after-dinner steps make you more dialed in.

You can correct little mistakes with the night walk.

Let’s say someone overeats a bit on dinner – okay, we walk an extra 30 mins to correct that minor screwup.

So by having the night walk in place, people will adhere to the diet more and minimize the risk of overeating and snacking at night.

Instead of being in the kitchen going into the cupboards, we’re walking and our appetite is suppressed.

If I just stayed in, I’d get hungrier.

My grandma Patsy maintained a very low body fat percentage and she always did the after-dinner night walk.

It helps you find that calorie deficit sweet spot for fat loss.

My current framework for fitness is that every single day, I want to get slightly leaner.

It’s easiest for me to fast the first 5 hours of the day.

One major thing that helps morning hunger is Kino Octane.

Octane sets you up for having energy and focus during this part of the day… highly recommend it for being productive while making it easy to stick to your fast.

I will take Octane along with Nitro before that morning walk.

This fasted morning walk burns fat and sets the tone for the day.

It really helps me with that deficit.

So every week I’m a little bit leaner, no matter what.

Getting in that night walk will simply tip the scales in your favor when it comes to fat loss.

It’s that little extra push that gets fat burning happening again if you are stuck.

Give it a shot!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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