“The Ugly Section”

I’m a big fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

So many funny episodes.

A memorable one is from Season 10 Episode 7 – “The Ugly Section”.

Larry David plays golf with a bunch of friends.

After golf, they all go to a fancy restaurant.

During lunch Larry is looking around and notices everyone getting sat down on the other side of the restaurant is attractive.

He believes he and his friends got sat in the ugly section.

“Am I crazy, or is everyone in that section way better looking than the people in this section.”

Then he says…

“It can’t be a coincidence. I’d love to come here again without you guys. Maybe if I came here by myself, I wouldn’t be sitting HERE.”


But this is an important point.

Becoming more attractive is a cheat code in life.

It really does enhance life in many ways.

You have probably heard of “The Halo Effect”.

It means if there’s one good trait in a person, you then associate a bunch of other good traits with that first good trait.

So, if someone is attractive, they are often viewed as smart, honest, funny, intelligent, etc.

There’s a classic study in 1946 demonstrating the Halo Effect by a psychologist named Solomon Asch.

  • Participants were shown a series of photographs of individuals and asked to rate them on various personality traits.
  • The participants were shown either an attractive or unattractive photograph of the SAME person, randomly assigned.
  • Participants consistently rated the individuals in the attractive photographs as having more positive personality traits than those in the unattractive photographs.
  • They attributed qualities such as intelligence, kindness, and social skills to attractive individuals while assigning less favorable traits to the unattractive ones.

To me, the most exciting part of this study was this…

The experiment used an attractive photo or unattractive photo of the same person.

This shows that the EXACT same person can be viewed as attractive or unattractive.

People can do A LOT when it comes to improving their appearance.

And it makes a bigger impact than people realize.

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