These Measurements Are Vital to Track Lean Muscle Gains

We just had our first Kino VIP call last Friday.

We covered a lot, but one of the most important points was tracking your progress.

I thought I’d share this with everyone since it is vital when you are getting lean while adding muscle…

I recommend weighing yourself daily.

Really important.

What you track gets measured, and what gets measured gets managed.

If you don’t track, it’s very hard to improve

I recommend getting a tape measure.

Measure your waist, because oftentimes what Scott and I will see is that people do coaching and they’re like…

“Greg, Scott, I’ve been in this program for three weeks, and my weight is stuck. My weight is stuck. It’s not working.”

And then we’re like, “Sure, okay, show me your measurements.”

If you don’t have these measurements, we can’t really coach you.

“Okay, so your weight is the same. You started at 170. You’re 170. What about your strength?”

“Well, I’m stronger.”

“Oh, you’re up 15 pounds in your lifts. Okay, well, that’s good. And what about your waist measurement.”

“Oh, my waist is down an inch.”

“And you think It’s not working???????”

If you don’t track this stuff, then it’s very hard to give you the best coaching.

So I recommend really, at the very minimum, get a tape measure.

Measure your waist around your belly button first thing in the morning.

That’s very, very helpful.

But I will tell you, there are points when and I’ve had this where I was getting leaner, but my waist stayed the same because I was losing fat in other parts of my body.

Eventually, the waist comes in.

This is just a small part of what we talked about on the coaching call.

Our Kino VIP group is just getting started.

Getting a head-turning movie star physique is just the start.

I can already see this evolving into something MUCH bigger.

More on that later.

All I will say is this…

I highly recommend joining this group at the charter membership price of $99 per month.

Kino VIP (Charter Member)

You will be locked in at this price.

No doubt in my mind that everyone who joins now will be pumped with that decision.

Excited to share my plans in a future email.

See ya in the group!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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