This Actor’s Physique is Unreal…

In yesterday’s email I discussed a photo going viral.

An AI image of roided-out bodybuilders.

The caption below it was, “Real men”.

I went on kind of a rant because this isn’t even close to being accurate.

Then, I discussed how being lean at 24-26 BMI was a better goal.

In that email, I posted a picture of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

They co-own Wrexham soccer club.

I posted a pic of them in the owner’s box watching a match.

The way they met is hilarious.

Ryan was watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and was blown away by the dance scene Rob did for the finale of season 13.

*This really is an unreal scene. Supposedly, Rob spent 6+ months learning this dance and got into the best shape of his life to make something memorable and important.

Here’s a link to that scene on YouTube.

Ryan Reynolds was so blown away by it that he reached out to Rob on IG.

He said this about it in an interview…

This is how Ryan and Rob became friends and eventually business partners.

I like this story for a few reasons.

First of all…

Rob had one of the most dramatic physical transformations of any actor in recent memory.

He gained 50+ pounds of fat a few seasons earlier and had a huge gut.

Then came into season 13 frickin’ shredded.

He did it for two reasons.

First of all he thought it would be funny to get in ridiculously good shape and take his shirt off for one 45-second scene.

Mac takes his shirt off in an early episode of season 13.

The other characters are not impressed and barely notice.

It’s pretty funny.

But the other motivation for getting ripped was to give 100% into that dance scene in the finale of season 13.

I LOVE it when people go the extra mile.

Give it their all for a project.

It makes a difference.

Think about it…

Because this scene is so over-the-top good, it caused Ryan Reynolds to reach out.

They became friends.

Now business partners and probably will do other joint ventures together.

He went for it 100%, and it paid off.

When you go for something with everything you got, you do feel vulnerable.

I remember feeling this way when we made “The Real Bruce Wayne” video about 10 years ago.

I was a little nervous as soon as I put it up on Youtube.

I had an idea to explain my diet & workout philosophy but do it in an entertaining way.

The goal was to film fitness content but with audio and visuals GREATLY exceeding any fitness video ever posted on Youtube.

I was a little obsessed with it.

Wrote a script.

I had a vision of having Batman Begins style cinematography but mixed in Patrick Bateman’s American Psycho morning routine.

Took a long time to film.

It was an odd vision.

But it F*CKING worked in a big way.

Really accelerated the growth of Kinobody.

I have also had several things I have tried that have failed.

But when something hits, that you pour your heart into, it can be life changing.

I think people give half-ass attempts so if they fail they can say…

“I didn’t try that hard anyway.” <<< A loser’s mentality

You can give just partial effort.

Tiptoe through life.

Or you can give everything you got.

This is why I am so adamant about making sure your testosterone levels are optimized.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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