This Mindset Attracts Women Into Your Life

I wanted to share a small portion of what we covered in our Kino VIP call last Friday.

One of my major goals in this group is to reprogram everyone’s mind for success in getting a killer physique.

This works for every other goal as well.

It starts with gratitude for what you have.

But I also shared a gratitude strategy I’ve never discussed before.

How it has helped me attract quality women into my life.

I’ll cut and paste the transcript of that part of the call here…

Dr. Joseph Dispenza recommends you experience gratitude for your goal as if you already have it. Having that gratitude as if you already achieved the goal.

This is for anyone single…

This is a powerful thing I’ve used, and it’s crazy every time I do this fully… I’ll meet, like, an amazing girlfriend in three weeks.

If I just spend a little bit of time and just be like, “Wow, I’m so. Grateful for all the love in my life. Friends, family, past relationships. I’m just so grateful. I’m so grateful and appreciative of all the love the world has given me. All the love in my life, all the love I experienced.”

It’s crazy what happens. Something happens, and then you meet this amazing partner in, like, three weeks.

A lot of people that are single, that are going through life, they’re like… “I don’t have anyone. I don’t have a love in my life. I don’t have this. I can’t find anyone. The girl that wants me, I don’t want her. The one that I want, she doesn’t want me. I can never be happy, so I’ll just be alone.”

And again, you got to be very careful because the thoughts that you have are very powerful.

If you’re telling yourself. “Well, the girls don’t want me. I don’t want them. And every time there’s a girl I really, really want, it doesn’t work out”, then you’re going to recreate that environment.

Don’t underestimate how powerful this is.

Even if you don’t fully understand how this works.

I mean…

You don’t have to know exactly how a Ferrari F40 works to benefit from driving it.

*A cool 1.5 million for one of these cars now.

If you consider yourself a high-achiever…

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See you on the inside!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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