This Movie Inspired Me to Create Kinobody

When I was 19 years old I saw a movie that frickin’ blew me away.

That movie was American Psycho.

The main character, Patrick Bateman is played by Christian Bale.

In my opinion, he attained the ideal physique.

*Christian Bale looked really f*ckn sharp.

He wasn’t that big, but he was captivating.

His jaw was chiseled, his waist taut, and his muscles perfectly defined.

Plain and simple, he was downright lean and had just enough muscle in the key areas.

I realized the fitness industry had things wrong.

In the coming months, I started focusing on getting really lean and developing what I believed to be perfect muscle proportion.

*Now, at the age of 30, I know EXACTLY what it takes to stay shredded year-round.

It didn’t happen overnight…

I had to unlearn a lot of the “fitness rules” that were holding me back.

  • I stopped lifting weights 5-6 days per week and instead focused on getting strong with just 3 workouts per week.
  • I stopped eating a perfect clean diet, and I emphasized hitting my calories and protein while enjoying big carb meals every single night.
  • I stopped doing tons of cardio which left me ravenous! Instead, I went for a nice brisk walk each and every day.

And yes, I traded my boring nights in for a few cocktails and fun nights out.

I’m so dedicated to sharing this fitness philosophy with you because it has literally transformed my body and life.

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Movie Star Body Accelerator

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


Don’t underestimate the power of coaching.

Guys in my coaching groups get insane results…

*In 5 months Brandon went from chunky and struggling to drop fat (training every day and eating 5/6 meals per day) to downright chiseled and loving life.

Here’s what Brandon had to say about our coaching group:

“This coaching group is absolutely amazing! ⁣ The tight-knit feel to it makes this so motivating and easy knowing you have people with the same goals and struggles. Before this group, I would have times where I’d slip up on my nutrition which would lead to me just saying screw it and binging, in result losing all my progress. ⁣ ⁣

If have a day that I slip up I get on the group and everyone makes it so easy to scratch it and make the future better. With everyone’s help, I’ve become dialed in mentally and physically. We challenge each other and motivate each other to keep going. ⁣ ⁣

In the last 5 months I’ve sliced off 20 lbs of fat and I have been getting stronger by the week mentally and physically. ALSO effortlessly. This is such a simple lifestyle to adhere to when you lock in mentally.⁣” – Brandon H.

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Movie Star Body Accelerator


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It includes.

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