This Physique Will Make You Stand Out in Any Crowd

I’ve mentioned this many times…

The magic range for that Movie Star Body is a BMI of 24 to 26.

This is the sweet spot where aesthetics meet strength.

What is important to note is this…

The difference between a 24 BMI and a 26 BMI can be 15-20 pounds, depending on height.

Let’s break down this BMI 24-26 range for someone 5’11”.

The Warrior (BMI of 24)

For a guy who’s 5’11”, hitting a BMI of 24 means weighing in at 170 pounds.

This is your lean, athletic build.

Think of Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

You’ll look GQ-ready, and shopping for those fitted suits?


You’ll turn heads with a chiseled face and a shredded physique that stands out on camera and on your social media profiles.

Greek God (BMI of 25)

*Ryan Reynolds is 6’2″ and is a prime example of the powerful Greek God physique in the movie Blade Trinity.

At 5’11” and 177-178 pounds, you’re in Greek God territory.

This is the balance between lean and strong.

You’re not just fit, you’re formidable.

You’ll have that perfect blend of muscle and definition that makes you look amazing in a t-shirt and strong in the gym.

You’ll still have the chiseled look and strength to match.

Superhero (BMI of 26)

*Henry Cavill is 6’1″ and a perfect example of the imposing superhero physique in the movie Man of Steel.

At 5’11” and 185 pounds, you’re rocking the superhero physique.

Muscular, powerful, and commanding.

You might not be at 6% body fat, but maintaining 8-10% body fat here keeps your testosterone levels optimized, your strength high, and your presence intimidating.

You’ll stand out in any crowd, and trust me.

So, at 5’11”, the difference between a 24 BMI (170 lbs) and a 26 BMI (185 lbs) is about 15 pounds.

Why BMI 26 Can Be a Game-Changer

When you’re at the higher end of the BMI spectrum (around 26), you have a few perks:

  • More Calories to Enjoy: You can eat more, making social situations a breeze.
  • Strength and Power: Extra weight means more strength. You’ll dominate in the gym and in self-defense situations if needed.
  • Intimidating Presence: There’s something to be said for looking powerful and commanding. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling unstoppable.

The Downside?

It’s harder to look as shredded at a higher BMI.

You won’t be at 6% body fat.

But staying lean at 8-10% still means you’re in fantastic shape.

And with the right supplements, you can maximize your muscle mass and strength gains…

Kino Gains (Creatine HCL + Betaine)

Right now, I’m working towards a 26 BMI.

It’s been pretty enjoyable.

I sometimes like being a bit leaner, but I really notice a difference in how people respond to me as I add a bit more size.

Feels good!

If you haven’t ever been lean at a 26 BMI?

Try it, and you will see what I mean.

With Kino Gains, the first 4-5 pounds come rapidly.

As you use it over the course of a few more months, you will steadily gain until you hit or get close to 26 BMI.

You will become significantly stronger as well.

It’s an incredible feeling.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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