Three Keys to a Defined Jaw Line

There are 3 things you can do to achieve a sharper jawline.

The first one is really the most boring answer.

A lot of people don’t want to hear it, but really the first one and the most important for me.

#1. The most dramatic change happens when you get very LEAN.

In fact, I have had a pretty crazy transformation just from getting my body fat down from the mid-teens to about 7%.

My jaw and my face changed completely.

Anything over 11%, it seems like I get a soft, round face.

And then, when I got down to 7%, all of a sudden, I had a sharp jawline.

If you have excess fat, it’s gonna blur the shape of your jawline.

That’s why a lot of male models are super lean.

If you’ve watched a lot of movies and TV shows, a lot like the good-looking actors. They all have a very sharp jawline.

It’s very common in film.

They get people with very angular faces.

And in film, assuming you’re playing like a good-looking heart-throb, they want you to be very lean and have that sharp, sharp jawline.

Now, depending on how your body stores fat, some guys have a really sharp jawline at about 10-11 percent.

If you look at Daniel Craig in the Bond film, he was lean, but he wasn’t shredded.

And he had a very, very sharp jawline.

In fact, for me, when my body fat is 11-12 percent, my face loses that sharpness.

That’s actually one of the reasons why I like to be very, very lean isn’t to have six-pack ABS.

But it’s actually because I like having that very sharp jawline.

#2. Now the second tip, okay, is pretty much your oral posture.

Essentially having your mouth open a lot and breathing through your mouth is bad.

These muscles in your jaw atrophy.

And the weaker they are, the less square and defined and chiseled your jaw will be.

A lot of people that are mouthbreathing at night wind up with a slack jaw.

They kind of train their body to have this long, rounded face and a set back jaw.

The proper posture is to breathe through your nose.

And it’s also better for your breath when you breathe through your nose because you can actually produce more saliva on your mouth.

You don’t need to overthink it just essentially be a nose breather.

Now the third one, which is kind of my favorite because it’s actually really, really cool.

People talk about chewing a ton of gum every day, but gum has a lot of artificial flavoring and stuff like that.

You want to have something that’s actually beneficial for your health.

So what I actually found is really, really awesome.

It’s actually catching a lot of buzz, but I’ve been looking into this stuff for a few months now.

#3. Mastic gum.

Mastic gum is actually it’s in a resin from a Greek tree. It’s ten times harder than regular gum.

You can chew on it.

It’s a jaw workout like nothing else.

When I chew on it for 10-15 minutes, my literally my face is pumped.

It will actually strengthen your jaw.

Now your jaw is very different than building up your shoulders, your back, your chest.

Your jaw is really designed to be trained daily.

If you’re sore, take a day off.

This also has other benefits.

It’s great for your oral health and can help reduce Cavities.

It’s great for your gut health.

Mastic gum has a lot of cool benefits.

You’re not going to see some dramatic, massive jawline but…

Your jaw will get sharper.

But to really sharpen up and get that angular jawline, you want to get your body fat to at least 12%.

If you want your face to look like a male model, get to like 8-9%, and you will be set.

Hitting a single-digit body fat percentage is the best upgrade to your appearance.

Obviously, your body will look fantastic…

But I almost think the transformation that happens with your face is equally important.

You have to experience it to fully understand this.

You will look more masculine and get significantly more attention from women.

It will increase your confidence, etc.

I can help you get to single-digit body fat in months…

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