Today’s Men Are Weaker Than Their Dads

I’ve been reading a lot recently about how the men of previous generations are much stronger than men of the same age today.

Several studies have looked at grip strength over the decades.

On average, men today are significantly weaker than their fathers were.

Supposedly grip strength is a good test too.

Grip strength is tied to overall strength levels as well as life span.

What is interesting is that women are just as strong as their mothers when it comes to grip strength.

Women are staying the same…

Men are going backward.

Testosterone levels of young men today have dramatically dropped compared to previous generations as well.

Here’s a photo of a man in the 1940s…

*Good thing 1940s man isn’t around anymore. He’d steal your girl.

In the 1940s the average testosterone level for a man in his 20s was 740.

That is roughly 300 points higher than the average today!

The main driver behind lower t-levels in men today is too much body fat, lack of activity, pre-diabetes, poor diet, etc.

Working out and losing body fat will move the needle big time.

And when you lift weights, lift with F*ckn aggression.

*Did an intense set of shoulder presses with 110-pound dumbbells the other day.

Getting lean and lifting weights will boost t-levels.

But you can also take specific supplements that will help as well.

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Greg O’Gallagher


If I’m being honest…

I don’t see this low-T epidemic as a bad thing.

Women crave masculine men and are drawn to guys with high testosterone levels.

If the average modern man doesn’t want to take the actions that will increase their t-levels… fewer men for us to compete against.

I can’t help it if the playing field is content in being weak.

F*ck being average anyway.

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