Traditional Programs Make Guys Skinny-Fat

A lot of people have weight loss as their goal.

It’s fine to lose weight…

But not if it sets you up for future weight gain.

Rebound weight gain is a real problem.

Guys will diet so hard they lose muscle and become skinny fat over time.

This creates a cycle where it becomes even harder to get lean.

They begin to get stubborn body fat deposits that are hard to get rid of.

What’s interesting is that two people can both lose a similar amount of weight…

But one guy will set himself up for a serious rebound weight gain problem, while the other will continue to get lean without effort.

I’ll explain in more detail.

Let’s say you have two guys, Todd and Jeff.

Both Todd and Jeff are at the same starting point.

  • 6 feet tall
  • 190 pounds
  • 36″ waist
  • 20% body fat

Todd decides to take a typical fat loss approach.

Todd focuses on intense “calorie burning” exercise.

In addition to that, he drastically cuts his calories and even cuts out carbs (since he thinks that is what is making him fat).

The problem?

Combining excess exercise along with a super low-calorie diet burns muscle along with the fat.

You can lose weight rapidly with a typical approach.

If Todd loses 20 pounds it will look something like this:

  • Loses 6 pounds of muscle
  • Loses 14 pounds of fat
  • 33.5″ waist
  • 14% body fat
  • 170 pounds

Todd did make progress.

He’s leaner than when he started.

The problem is that he has lost muscle, is now weaker, and…

***Due to losing muscle, he is setting himself up to become skinny-fat in the future.***

Let’s contrast that with Jeff.

Jeff decides to take the Movie Star Masterclass approach.

Jeff focuses his efforts in the gym on getting stronger in key lifts.

Instead of “burning calories” with exercise, he creates a calorie deficit with diet.

His diet causes him to lose body fat.

His key lifts go up 20 pounds which causes him to gain 5 pounds of muscle.

Although he only loses 15 pounds, he is in a great place.

  • GAINS 5 pounds of muscle
  • Loses 20 pounds of fat
  • 32″ waist
  • 10% body fat
  • 175 pounds

Jeff winds up being in a much better place than Todd.

Jeff will have 11 more pounds of lean muscle than Todd and be just 10% body fat (4% leaner).

This is just over a short period of time.

Over a longer time period, the differences become dramatic…

*Tim used my approach to cut 33 pounds in 6 months while adding lean muscle.

He became stronger in the process.

Which helped him add slabs of muscle to key muscle groups.

Traditional fitness programs can help people lose weight, but they are sending guys down the path of becoming skinny fat.

When someone follows a traditional program they may look lean initially…

But since they lose muscle in the process, the weaker and less impressive their physique becomes over time.

I can help you get out of this endless cycle of mediocrity.

I created Movie Star Masterclass to be the ultimate Kinobody program.

The longer you follow this program…

The easier it is to get lean…

Instead of losing muscle and strength while losing fat, you will build muscle mass.

My approach DRASTICALLY improves your body’s ability to get lean in the future.

In just 4 months it will make a massive difference… in one year you will look like a different person.

Don’t train yourself to become skinny-fat like Todd.

Choose the better path today.

Movie Star Masterclass

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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