Don’t Brute Force Fat Loss

You shouldn’t brute force your way to get lean.

This is a common mistake.

Personal trainers will have guys diet and train way too hard.

This only works if they are taking performance-enhancing drugs.

I have a prime example of this in action.

Sasha began working with a coach.

Here’s his before pic.

You can tell he has a decent amount of muscle. The main thing he needs to do is cut a good amount of body fat while gaining strength.

His coach had him go too low in Calories.

He was losing weight.

But kind of crashed his testosterone and his sex drive.

Here’s his picture after working with the coach for 3 months.

He’s made some good progress.

The problem is that he is going to be stuck at a plateau when it comes to losing fat.

The extremely low-calorie diet worked…

Until it didn’t.

And now his testosterone levels are so low he is going to have a hard time getting shredded. He’s stuck.

Right after this picture, he began taking Mojo.

He started doing a bit more of my style, training, and cutting.

His testosterone came way back.

He got in better shape. 

Here’s his picture after taking Mojo for 3 months.

He’s doing so much better now.

The mistake the coach made is a common one.

The problem with cutting calories super low is that it makes it easy to hit 12-14% body fat… but it will put you in a BAD place hormonally.

You will still have 10+ pounds of fat to lose.

But your hormones will tank so hard that you will never be able to lose that last little bit of fat.

This is why so many guys NEVER get shredded.

I don’t want you to make this common mistake.

I have created a guide and program that will help you steer clear of this common problem.

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I wanted to include one final picture of Sasha.

This is his before and after.

He’s now on the Mojo and training and eating, as I describe in Mojo Mastery.

Now it’s your turn.

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