How to Stay Lean While Traveling

I’ve been spending the past few months traveling.

Recently went from Toronto to Miami.

Then Mexico City.

And now I’m in Vancouver (traveled to Whistler yesterday).

I’m able to stay lean pretty effortlessly.

It’s obviously about dialing in the calories.

But I also bring three key Kino supplements to make this super simple.

  • Mojo: Total and Free testosterone increase
  • Nitro: Bloodflow, skin, overall health, immune system, bedroom performance
  • Octane: Energy boost to use a couple of times per day

What I like about taking these along with me is they don’t take up much space in a suitcase.

Perfect for traveling.

We call this the Mojo Stack.

If you subscribe to this stack you are only paying a little over $3 per day.

That is cheaper than a cup of coffee at a Starbucks.

What I like about this is this gives me energy to explore a new city.

I typically have a light snack in the afternoon.

I’m really flexible here.

Around 2 or 3 PM I might have a few eggs and a rice crispy treat (or an equivalent snack).

Most of my calories are saved for going out to eat for dinner.

My current plan?

Find the fancy steakhouses in Whistler.

I’ll get a striploin steak, potatoes, and perhaps 1-2 cocktails.

When you save most of your calories for dinner, you really appreciate it more.

I even have enough calories in the day for dessert.

Like around 400 calories.

Lately, I’ve been ordering two big chocolate chip cookies up to my room for dessert later in the evening.

I’m able to eat all this while still having the physique dialed in…

Even when ordering 2 Cadillac margaritas for dinner several nights per week.

When I was younger, I’d eat all day while traveling.

Made me sleepy.

By the time dinner came I barely even cared about what I was eating.

This is a better approach.

Not only does the Octane in this stack give me steady energy.

It’s a potent appetite suppressant.

The Mojo Stack simply works.

It’s what I would consider the minimalist supplement stack for staying lean without much effort.

Perfect for traveling.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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