Trick to Gaining Muscle While Losing Fat

Your body is not designed to burn fat and gain muscle at the same time.

It alternates between two states.

  • Catabolic (breaking down)
  • Anabolic (building)

When you are in a fasted state, the body goes into catabolic mode.

This is when it breaks down body fat and uses it for fuel.

If you eat breakfast right after waking up, you halt the fat loss process.

The problem is that your body won’t go back into fat-loss mode until several hours after a big meal.

If you eat every few hours…

You won’t be spending much time breaking down fat at all.

This is why I prefer to fast for the first 5-6 hours of the day… I’m extending the fat loss window.

But some people will say stuff like…

“2,000 calories per day is 2,000 calories per day, it doesn’t matter if you eat those in one big meal or 6-8 small meals.”

Here’s what they don’t understand.

Fasting increases insulin sensitivity which improves nutrient partitioning.

When you do eat, more nutrients than normal are shuttled into your muscle cells (less going into fat cells).

*This is why guys on my programs are able to gain muscle while simultaneously losing body fat.

They are blown away by the results.

  • Growth Hormone increases during the fast
  • Insulin Sensitivity increases during the fast
  • The body is burning fat for fuel during the fast
  • The body is being primed for muscle gain when the fast is broken
  • The big dinner switches the body into anabolic muscle gaining mode

So the “trick” to gaining muscle while losing fat is to divide up the day.

Part of your day is dedicated to burning fat.

Part of your day is dedicated to building muscle.

This works ridiculously well…

*Rubencho lost 20 pounds of fat in 4 months by using this method.

I love it when people finally “see the light”.

This way of eating combined with proper training quickly creates a downright chiseled physique.

I hate to say it…

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It almost feels like I have a secret.

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