Try This Exercise…

People lose their minds when I talk about how squats are overrated.

Yet, even Layne Norton favors Steps Ups and Bulgarian split squats over traditional squats.

I just don’t like the spinal compression with squats.

There are countless exercises that are more healthy for the body long-term.

Here’s one I recommend trying…

*You can use ATG split squats as a warmup for your leg workout or as a finisher.

This exercise builds quads near the knee, but it is also a killer ACTIVE stretch.

Active stretching increases flexibility by exercising through a full range of motion.

This improves the range of motion for the knees and ankles.

It can help avoid common knee injuries… and also makes it less likely you will experience an Achilles tendon tear or rupture.

I have several new strategies for building up the lower quads without messing up your spine.

It’s all covered here…

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Greg O’Gallagher


People lose their minds when I say anything negative about squats.

It’s like I’m attacking their religion.

It isn’t that serious.

If you want to do heavy squats, go for it.

I squatted a ton when I was younger and had larger legs but hated how my thighs rubbed together.

I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Here’s a response to a recent photo I posted…

Heavy barbell squats put a lot of unnecessary stress on your spine.

You most likely won’t even like the outcome once you get there.

I’m trying to save you time and frustration.

Here’s a better way to train legs…

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