Underrated Way to Get Shredded

The body is incredible at adapting to training.

For instance…

  • Marathon runners naturally lose muscle and lighten up in order to make running long distances easier.
  • Sprinters gain fast twitch fibers while getting extremely lean to make them explosive and fast.
  • Swimmers get sort of lean but not as lean as sprinters, and some believe they retain a little fat to stay buoyant.

This is an advanced concept.

Your training stimulus affects your appetite, depending on how the body needs to adapt.

There is a reason swimming causes hunger.

A person at 6% body fat isn’t buoyant, so they need to expend more effort just to stay afloat compared to a person with a higher body fat level.

A slightly higher body fat percentage is more efficient for swimming.

Most elite level swimmers look to be around 12-15% body fat.

There are exceptions but…

Swimming is known for triggering a massive appetite, so these athletes stay around this body fat level despite burning a ton of calories.

I’m not saying swimming is terrible for getting lean.

It can be done but just might take a bit more willpower than other methods of training.

Contrast that with gymnasts.

To reach the highest level, they need to be as lean as possible.

I found this picture from 1956 of an Olympic gymnast from Finland named Kalevi Suoniemi.

He’s definitely under 10% body fat.

And his arms and shoulders are simply chiseled with dense muscle.

For bodyweight movements, getting rid of as much body fat as possible helps you improve.

You consciously eat less to get lean and lighter.

But I’m also convinced that your appetite tends to be a bit lower in response to this style of training.

Lifting weights doesn’t have this same effect.

Because being heavier gives you more leverage.

There isn’t any advantage to being as lean as possible.

You can still get lean by lifting weights and dieting, but I find bodyweight training can speed up the process.

With some bodyweight exercises…

EVERY pound makes a difference.

One-arm chin ups are a prime example.

Even getting 2-3 pounds lighter is significant.

I’m able to do 4 reps in the one-arm chin up.

This was NOT an easy accomplishment.

I had to lose every bit of excess fat to get to this point.

It’s actually really hard to do even 1 single rep of the one-arm chinup.

You will have to get as lean as possible to accomplish this.

Literally, every extra pound destroys you.

There is no other exercise that incentivizes you to get as lean as the one-arm chin up does.

But as I mentioned earlier.

I also think the appetite stays lower with bodyweight stuff compared to lifting weights.

Bodyweight training just makes getting lean easier.

This is why I like it leading into summer.

This is the time of year you want to be on your game.

This type of training is killer for body recomp, because your body can’t afford to lose muscle tissue if you want to get stronger with your body weight.

So not only do you get lean.

You tend to add dense muscle tissue at the same time.

I’m sold on bodyweight training and think everyone should incorporate this style of training into their routine for 1-3 months each year.

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