Use Less Willpower to Get Shredded

To get shredded, you want to get enough protein while staying in a deficit.

To accomplish this?

I used to supplement with whey protein.

It’s a decent protein…

But a study[1] that came out 10 years ago showed that insulin spikes hard after supplementing with whey protein.

*The grey bars in this graph represent whey protein, and the white bars represent white bread. Whey caused a drastic spike in insulin compared to white bread and glucose alone (black bar).

When insulin spikes hard, it tends to dramatically increase hunger shortly after.

You can get lean with whey protein.

It just takes incredible willpower.

This is why my preferred choice of protein is collagen protein.

It won’t spike blood sugar or insulin and makes getting lean almost effortless.

Kino Collagen Protein

Collagen protein simply makes hitting a deficit easier.

I recommend mixing low-fat Greek yogurt in a bowl and slicing in a banana.

It tastes f*cking delicious.

You will be satisfied until dinner.

Kino Collagen will also improve your skin quality.

Skin elasticity is crucial if you have 20+ pounds to lose and want to achieve that shrink-wrap effect (another reason collagen protein beats whey protein).

It also supports joint health.

AND is incredible for creating a positive nitrogen balance which is crucial for muscle growth and being in an anabolic state.

If you try this for 30 days, you won’t ever go back to whey.

Kino Collagen Protein

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


As if all the benefits above weren’t enough.

Kino Collagen Protein also contains MCTs.

MCTs are a fat that provides steady energy, it has been shown to reduce appetite as well as optimize the growth of good gut bacteria.

It’s almost a superfood.

Several studies show the weight loss benefits of MCTs.

Here are a couple…

If fat loss is your goal, MCTs are incredible to include in your diet.

I wanted Kino Collagen to be the ultimate muscle-building and fat-loss protein supplement on the market, so we added MCTs to our formula.

Makes it creamy and delicious too.

It doesn’t get better than this…

Kino Collagen Protein

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