Vaping Makes Your “Soldier” Smaller?

Vaping is the lamest thing ever.

I’ve been trying to make as many people quit as possible.

It’s f*ckn terrible for you.

It drives me nuts when girls do it too.

Serious basic bitch behavior.

I’ve had hundreds of messages from people quitting vaping…

Even friends that magically stopped (after I dropped some videos on vaping).

But we have just scratched the surface.

NOBODY should be vaping!

First of all…

Nicotine has been shown to cause erectile dysfunction.

This is because it has a vasoconstrictive effect.

Meaning, it shrinks and tightens blood vessels and reduces the amount of blood that can flow through them.

Not good!

20-year-olds should NEVER have to worry about ED!

That is just sad.

Vaping is already harsh on your lungs… but also gives you a limp weiner?

Right there should make most guys want to quit.

But if this doesn’t work.

Check this out…

Do you want a thin flappy penis?

Cause Vaping is how you get a thin flappy penis!

Blood flow not only affects erections.

It also affects the way your soldier looks when it isn’t saluting.

I’m telling you, blood flow is important.

This is why Kino Nitro should be a part of every guy’s daily regimen.

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Nitro helps you perform your best in the bedroom.

It’s good for your entire circulatory system.

If you are going to snag Nitro, I highly recommend picking up our Mojo Stack (Nitro + Mojo).

And quit f*ckn vaping.

Women around the world deserve your dong to be at full attention when they get naked.

A thin, limp penis puts everyone in a bad mood!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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