What 15 Pound of Fat Loss Looks Like

Your body is probably more muscular than it currently appears.

Excess body fat really hides muscle tissue.

A lot of guys who work out hard are probably only 15-20 pounds away from looking fricking amazing.

Stupid body fat keeps them average-looking…

And It makes them invisible to women.

I was muscular but chubby for years.

*The difference between these photos is simply 15 pounds of body fat!

In yesterday’s email, I mentioned how getting lean changed my dating life overnight.

It seriously improved my entire life.

  • I felt better about myself.
  • I became more confident.
  • People treated me with more respect.

Here’s the craziest thing…

All of a sudden, I started noticing A LOT more attractive women in my immediate vicinity.

*I was sort of being stalked by hotties now… I felt like there was always an attractive girl within a 20-foot radius.

This was new for me.

Getting a chiseled movie star body makes you stand out.

Women will find any excuse to stand or sit near you.

Women still want you to approach them, but they do their best to make it as easy as possible when they are attracted to you.

It puts you in the top 1% as far as sexual attraction goes.

This is dating on EASY mode.

Once I really dialed in my physique and got lean, everything changed for the better.

*Women do their best to send signals your way, but you have to pay attention… they won’t always make it as obvious as the girl in this picture.

Once you get a physique that stands out you will 10X your opportunities with women.

Let me help you get there ASAP.

Movie Star Masterclass

It’s 100% worth the effort!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


Guys who are very skinny can improve their chances with women by adding 15-20 pounds of muscle.

When they add mass to their chest and shoulders and get the v-taper…

This gives men a powerful, masculine physique that is irresistible to women.

So whether you need to gain muscle or lose fat, we have protocols that have you covered.

Movie Star Masterclass is the most complete program for dialing in your physique.

Movie Star Masterclass

Warning: You will absolutely find women flirting with you once you get chiseled.

Having a beautiful woman make eye contact with you is F*ckn terrifying at first.

Kinobody problems, LMFAO.

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