What is Anabolic Resistance?

The muscle is a nutrient-sensing organ…

The muscle listens for specific nutrients (amino acids) to send a signal to repair and build muscle.

As we age…

The ability of the skeletal muscle to sense these nutrients decreases.

This decrease in sensing protein is called “Anabolic Resistance”.

Makes it tougher to add muscle.

Eating a quality protein source as your first meal out of your fast, is the best way to limit anabolic resistance and get the body to add muscle.

You want that first meal to be protein-rich.

I really like Kino Collagen mixed with Greek Yogurt (and a banana to make it taste frickin delicious).

This sends a strong signal to the body to add muscle.

This first feeding puts the body in muscle-building mode, and this continues past dinner.

With my approach.

  • You are in fat loss mode during your fast.
  • You are in muscle-building mode after the first collagen feeding.

That first meal of the day is important.

Kino Collagen is a highly bioavailable source of protein, and it won’t spike blood sugar like whey protein.

Collagen protein is the ideal first meal protein source because of this.

It won’t make you sleepy mid-day or make you want to binge in your next meal like whey protein.

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Greg O’Gallagher

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