What Your Finger Length Says About Your T Levels?

I’ve been going into deep research mode lately.

Especially when it comes to testosterone.

Have you heard of how finger length relates to T levels?

There are all sorts of studies about finger length and testosterone levels.

Specifically your 2nd and 4th finger (finger you point with and ring finger).

  • If your ring finger (4th) is longer than your pointing finger (2nd) you were exposed to more prenatal testosterone levels.
  • If your ring finger is equal or shorter, it means you were exposed to less testosterone in the womb.

One study looked at confidence and these testosterone levels.

Here’s the part that was slightly unexpected…

Those exposed to less testosterone were OVERCONFIDENT in their abilities and this overconfidence caused them to earn substantially less money than their peers.

I wanted to point this out…

Because I think people equate high testosterone levels with being cocky.

Or overconfident.

It’s almost the opposite.

The truth is that guys with higher testosterone levels in numerous studies show a “defensive pessimism” combined with high motivation.

So they are realistic about their abilities.

They tend to work hard and push through when things get tough.

The overconfident guys give up easy.

So the guy trying to act tough is likely to be the guy with the low T levels.

High testosterone actually makes a man less moody.

Less reactive.

High T causes a man to be a calm strong leader when life gets chaotic.

It makes sense if you think about it.

Women are the ones who are supposed to be moody and emotional.

A man is supposed to be the rock.

Low T causes men to be overly emotional and reactive… going through mood swings based on circumstances.

Low testosterone is a bad way to go though life as a man.

It not only affects muscle mass and body fat.

It causes you to be feminine and moody emotionally, which repels feminine women.

Women can sense when a man has high T levels.

There is actually a study where women smell the sweat of shirts of various men.

They rated the smell of the sweat of the men with high T levels as more attractive (can’t fake this).

High testosterone turns women on.

Mentally and physically.

So my point to all of this is that high testosterone will make your life better as a man.

In every way.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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