Where to Meet Women

Here’s the reality…

You can be an incredibly good-looking guy, chiseled, charismatic, and still have a tough time meeting women.

A lot of it comes down to being in the wrong environment.

Or taking the wrong approach in the right environment.

I just created a video about this.

Kinobody on Where to Meet Women

Some of the things I cover.

  • Why college campuses are a cheat code for meeting women, especially if you take advantage of a special “window of opportunity”.
  • Tinder can be a productivity killer unless you use it in this way.
  • I prefer bars over clubs for meeting women and typically do best when I just go with one friend, here’s why…
  • Hosting parties can be incredible social proof. Just be careful that the guys you invite don’t fit a certain category.
  • Get your steps in at a mall, coffee shop, bookstore, etc. Just put yourself in areas where there are plenty of women instead of walking on a treadmill at home.
  • What to do when a woman catches your eye and holds eye contact with you.
  • How getting a girl’s Instagram instead of her phone number allows her to invest in you and feel more comfortable when you do finally meet up.

These are just things that have helped me over the years.

Several Kino Warriors have asked me about this so I made a video.

Where to Meet Women

Let me know in the Youtube comments if I’ve missed any other great locations to meet women.

Someone already commented with a good tip.

Festivals make sense because everyone typically camps there overnight…

And enjoying music together can build an emotional connection, etc.

“If this tent is a-rockin don’t come a-knockin.”

Good call.

Get on out there and meet quality women.

It makes for a much more enjoyable life.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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