Why I Would Never Go on Steroids

Once you start going on anabolic steroids, your body stops naturally producing testosterone.

This can cause erectile dysfunction and all kinds of hormonal issues.

Secondly, when you’re taking in high amounts of testosterone, you can accelerate aging.

You can look a lot older than you are.

Third, it can actually cause balding and acne.

It can make you look less attractive.

Fourth it will cause your testicles to shrink.

When your body no longer has to produce testosterone, your testicles atrophy.

This is probably not something that you want.

And fifth, taking a high level of testosterone is actually going to shorten your lifespan and cause health issues.

It is insane to me.

The number of people that hurt their health, mess up with their bodies, and age themselves faster for what?

Just to look a little bit bigger.

I believe in building your physique naturally.

I share my blood work with you so you can see that I’m a natural.

Very few other people in the fitness industry will ever do that because they’re using anabolics.

The reason so many fitness leaders are on gear?

They have no f*ckn clue how to build muscle and get shredded naturally.

I do.

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Greg O’Gallagher

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