Why I’m Back to 3 Workouts Per Week

I trained just 2 days a week for a lot of 2023.

It worked well.

When life gets crazy busy with business or travel, 2 days is perfect.

You still get 90% of the results with less time in the gym.

Plus, your appetite is lower, and recovery is through the roof.

But here’s the thing…

After a while, my body adapted.

It felt fully recovered all the time.

And I missed that extra day of lifting heavy weights.

So I’m back to 3 days a week.

Sometimes I’ll even do 3 workouts over an 8-day period.

This is the sweet spot for me.

I love the lifting, so 3 days is perfect.

And you’ve got that 2-day option in your back pocket when life gets hectic.

But when you’ve got your ducks in a row?

You can ramp things up to 3 days and start ripping results.

The extra volume leads to insanely fast progress.

Especially if you’ve been cruising on 2 days for a while.

Your body is primed and ready to grow.

I have been getting killer results using a special 3 day per week program.

*I’m calling it the “4 Month Physique Mastery Program”.

Here’s the deal.

I was going to offer it as a separate program.

But bundled it in as a special offer I’m running *beginning tomorrow*.

Here’s how you get it.

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I decided to run this offer because we expected the Kino App to launch this month.

The App is launching in May.

But the time to get lean and chiseled is now with summer approaching…

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See you then!

Talk soon,

Greg O’Gallagher