Why Low T is Hurting Your Dating Success

You can’t really fake having high testosterone.

Women can sniff out low T.

I’m not talking about being more emotionally intelligent than men and being able to tell by a man’s actions and behavior.

That is true but…

Women can LITERALLY smell if a man has high or low testosterone.

This goes way back.

Women have evolved to be able to tell if a man has a high or low T through scent alone.

*This study showed that women, during their ovulatory phase when they crave sex, seek men with high testosterone. They can smell this in their sweat.

Scent plays a major role in attraction.

It explains a lot if you think about it.

Have you ever walked by a girl that smells unbelievable?

Better than any perfume.

I know EVERY guy has experienced this.

*I’m 100% convinced that if a woman smells exceptionally good to you, you are likely a good match.

And you will probably smell good to her.

So pay attention to this!

This is magnified even more if your testosterone is optimized.

Plus, high T will give you the balls to actually approach these women when this happens.

Your smell is that important.

It’s a major reason I recommend that you don’t mask your natural smell with cologne.

The chemicals in cologne disrupt your testosterone production.

They also mask your scent that women find attractive.

*Testosterone attracts women, “causing both behavioral and hormonal changes,” and increases their sexual arousal.

I know you have witnessed a guy who looks somewhat average but is incredible with women.

It’s likely that this guy has high T levels.

So not only does he have ambition and drive and masculinity women crave.

He smells better to these women as well.

Everything about him arouses a woman deeply.

These are the guys who attract the most feminine women into their lives.

Your dating life will be 80% solved if women are already sold on you.

*Think about it… how hard does a beautiful feminine woman have to work to get dates?

As a man, you do have to do a bit more work than a stunning woman.

But you also have an advantage.

You can be a top 5-10% man if you work at it.

It’s harder for an average woman to look like an 8, 9, or a 10.

A major driver to reach the top echelon of men is testosterone.

*When your T levels are high, you are lean, muscular, driven, and successful… it’s the dating cheat code.

Women are naturally drawn to you so most of the work is done before you even open your mouth.

Yes, dating coaches and techniques can work.

I’m not bagging on those guys.

But the real way to have an amazing dating and sex life is to become a higher-quality man.

It gives you options.

The cool thing about having high testosterone levels is you don’t have to act masculine.

You ARE masculine.

There’s a difference.

And women are wired to sense it.

*The Mojo Stack will boost your testosterone levels, and testosterone is 100% necessary for attracting and keeping high-quality women in your life.

You can’t fake this.

Have you ever seen a stunning woman with a meek, passive guy?

Almost NEVER happens.

It’s honestly better to be a bit on the aggressive high testosterone side and dial it back.

Life is harder for average passive guys with low testosterone levels.

My advice is to get to the root cause of attracting women.

Take The Mojo Stack

This will get your testosterone levels to where they should be as a man, and my bet is that everything will fall into place when it comes to women.

Low T is at least 80% of the reason guys are struggling in this area.

I do have one warning, though…

*When you first begin attracting women who are prettier than you are accustomed to, you might freeze up.

Let me rephrase that.

You WILL freeze up, lol.

This happened to me.

When your testosterone is dialed in, and life is going well, beautiful women are naturally going to appear in your life.

It’s frickin’ weird.

You will look around and, all of a sudden, see many more stunning women in your vicinity.

*If you aren’t used to attracting stunning women like this, you won’t feel worthy to approach them.

This is to be expected.

You have leveled up as a man, and this is all new to you.

But they are near you for a reason…

They absolutely want you to approach.

As a man, you are going to have to make the first move.

If you don’t feel worthy or tend to have negative self-talk, then there is mental work that you have to do.

Because otherwise you will have that negative voice.

“She probably has a boyfriend.”

“I don’t want to bother her.”

We’ve ALL been there.

So, get 80% of the way there by having high testosterone levels and actually becoming an attractive man with an exciting life.

Get The Mojo Stack (Mojo + Nitro)

Then, do the inner work…

The final 20% that helps you feel worthy of these high-caliber women.

Both you and these stunning women will appreciate this.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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