Wisdom from a 1970s Disco Era Bodybuilder

In the late 70s, one of the top bodybuilders of the time was Mike Mentzer.

Mike Mentzer is remembered for a few things.

One thing is his dislike of Arnold Schwarzenegger…

He actually retired from bodybuilding in protest of Arnold Schwarzenegger winning the Mr. Olympia in 1980.

Arnold had been retired for 5 years.

He was focusing on his movie career.

But at the last minute, he announced he was going to compete.

*Mike Mentzer is second from the right in this picture. He was the favorite, and everyone thought either Mike would win or Frank Zane (the far right in this picture).

Arnold came in at about 80% of his peak condition.

Arms and chest looked full, but he was soft in the midsection.

When Arnold was announced as the winner, the crowd booed, and most of the competitors walked off the stage.

It’s considered the most controversial Mr. Olympia of all time.

Mike Mentzer retired in protest.

He wasn’t a fan of Arnold and also didn’t like the 6 day per week 2-hour sessions Arnold trained with.

Mike trained with brief, intense workouts.

He would stimulate growth with 1-2 all-out sets per exercise.

A quote…

“I learned from training close to 2,000 people plus myself that the precise amount of exercise required to induce optimal growth stimulation isn’t nearly as much as you’ve been led to believe or would like to believe.”

He trained 2-3 times per week.

The rest of the time was spent recovering.

You build muscle during the recovery period, not during the actual workout.

Worked well for him.

Dorian Yates, one of the most successful Mr. Olympia contestants of all time, used a similar approach.

Dorian Yates was not only big… he had serious muscle density due to being so strong.

He worked each muscle group just 1 time per week.

He did 1 set per exercise to total failure.

It’s obvious that these guys did steroids, and they have admitted to doing so…

But they understood that recovery is crucial.

When Dorian switched to training each muscle group 1 time per week, he experienced the fastest muscle growth of his career.

I am seeing the same thing.

Lazy Ripped is set up to where you train 2 times per week.

Half the body each workout.

So, each muscle group is trained 1 time per week.

One of my friends who I shared this with sent me this the other day…

You do this 2 workout per week density and strength-building workout for 2 months.

Then you switch to training 3 times per week and do that for 1 month.

This adds a bit of additional size to your muscles.

This is such an incredible setup.

I know the “Before and Afters” for this program are going to be off the charts.

This is the perfect 3-month cycle, in my opinion.

  • 2 months of 2 workouts per week
  • 1 month of 3 workouts per week

I’ve been doing this for almost all of 2023.

I’ve figured out the ideal workout split, exercises, substitute exercises, etc.

I share it all in…

The Lazy Ripped Program

Be prepared to be blown away.

Not only will you gain strength each workout, you will pack on lean muscle at a rapid rate.

I’m hooked!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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