The World is Trying to Make You Soft!

Low T is a f*ckn colossal problem right now.

This used to be an “old guy’s issue,” but now even guys in their 20’s have low T.

Testosterone levels have plummeted.

Today, guys have 40% less T than men of the same age in the 80s.

Have you ever watched Cobra Kai on Netflix?

Johnny Lawrence’s character is funny because it highlights this contrast.

He has to dial back his training in his dojo because it is WAY too intense for the kids he is training.

They can’t handle his masculine intensity.

It hurts their feelings.

He came from a time when a coach or mentor pushed his students.

It’s obviously exaggerated.

But it does show that guys in the past were naturally more masculine.

They had an edge back then.

Like Johnny said…

“The world is trying to make you soft.”

Exposure to EDCs (endocrine-disrupting chemicals), lack of sleep, poor diet, stress overload, and obesity…

These all contribute to a massive drop in testosterone levels.

It makes men lethargic.

Guys with low T typically have a crippling lack of confidence.

They are easier to push around.

They get walked on by guys with higher testosterone levels.

I don’t think you want to be a bully like Johnny was in The Karate Kid.

But I’d rather take a guy like Johnny and teach him to dial things back… than try to make a guy with low T “be more masculine”.

You can’t really fake high testosterone.

I mean, I guess you can for short bursts.

But the guy with high testosterone will always come out ahead over a longer time frame.

You need to get this taken care of.

The Chads of this world, the top 10% of guys, have this advantage over you.

But you can switch this around.

You can build momentum over the next 30 days when it comes to increasing your free and total testosterone.

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Your sex drive will go through the roof.

When you dial in your free T – the currents are moving with you.

It feels as if you are almost destined for a great body, a great dating life, and tons of success.

Here are signs of low T.

  • Not waking up with an erection each morning
  • You struggle with staying motivated and taking action
  • Mood swings and low confidence at times
  • Find it really hard to pack on muscle
  • Waking up with low energy

If this is you.

If you have any of these symptoms?

Your testosterone levels are begging for a boost.

Here’s how you do it:

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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