Your “Bamboo tops were legendary”…

I mentioned this in the last email, Kino Clothing is getting shut down.

It’s been nice to hear all the kind words over the past couple of years.

People have been raving about my bamboo tops, in particular.

One customer called them “legendary”.

I’ll put his review below.

But first, let me explain what’s happening…

I’ll be launching a completely NEW clothing line for Men and Women on June 15th.

It will be a high-end summer collection.

Old money style coupled with top-tier fabrics and fit.

It could almost be considered “French Riviera Style.”

*The Talented Mr Ripley (1999) is a great example of this style but was set in the 1950s.

My line will have a similar tasteful, classic, luxurious style…

But with modern fits and fabrics.

Can’t wait for you to see it!

We are selling out all remaining inventory of our current line.

Right now, you can get 35% OFF all items.

*I highly recommend grabbing several of our Bamboo tees & Henleys.

This bamboo collection is top-notch.

I consistently get comments on these shirts whenever I wear them.

They are cut to accentuate your v-taper.

It sucks to get in incredible shape only to wear a shirt that fits poorly.

The Kino Bamboo Collection shows off your fit, hot body.

Customers love these shirts.

I recommend snagging a few of these shirts.

They are a staple item that will last for years.

Why am I discontinuing this line?

Because I feel like my new line fills an unmet need.

What I mean by this is as a fit guy, it’s not super hard to find nice fitted tees & henleys and not too difficult to find fitted suits and dress shirts.

Where it is tough is that middle ground.

Nice, fashionable clothing that isn’t too formal or too casual.

I’m able to find this stuff while travelling in Europe but nearly impossible to order what I like online.. and I plan on changing that!

*With this new line, we are aiming at the demographic of men and women who want to look effortlessly stylish… the type of clothing you would see a young, attractive couple wear on vacation along the Mediterranean.

It will also include premium pieces for women.

Stylish swimwear, shirts, etc.

So basically, I’m starting from scratch with a more cohesive clothing line.

That being said…

The Kino Bamboo Line is incredible.

They are the perfect summer shirt.

You can wear it in a completely casual way, but the material is premium.

So you can wear it under a sports coat.

Or with a pair of dressier pants if you are going to a nice steak house, etc.

The bamboo is a breathable fabric.

Especially good for warm climates.

Kino Bamboo & Clothing 35% OFF Closeout Sale

This stuff is selling out quickly.

Order your today.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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