Alan Ritchson’s Physique for “Jack Reacher” TV Show

Have you ever watched Jack Reacher on Amazon Prime?

It’s a good show.

What I like about it is that he is a believable badass guy.

Physically imposing.

Jacked, powerful, and shredded.

One thing I also like?

A lot of the clothing he wears is really similar to the Kino Clothing Line.

Fitted masculine clothing.

This image is from Season 1.

He’s 6’2′ and supposedly 225-230 in this first season.

This puts him at a 28 BMI.

In my BMI article, I point out research shows that women like 24-26 BMI.

I think he’d look better at 205.

This is the weight he normally walks around at.

Here’s a picture before adding muscle for Jack Reacher.

He’s about 205 here.

This is perfect and right at a 26 BMI.

He gained a ton of muscle for Jack Reacher season 1.

Even more for Season 2.

Season 2 is supposedly coming out in December of this year.

For Season 2, he bulked up to 240 pounds.

This is a mistake, in my opinion.

At 6’2″, this puts him at a BMI of 30.

A couple of problems.

First of all, it’s doubtful that anyone can reach a BMI at a low body fat without pharmaceuticals.

And with that much bulk, a guy almost begins looking like a pro wrestler.

Still a great-looking guy.

Just had a better look at a more natural BMI level.

Either way…

He does dress in cool classic masculine styles.

He mainly dresses in fitted crew neck tee shirts, fitted henleys and nice jeans and boots.

You can tell his shirts are made from quality fabric.

Kino approved.

Once you get into incredible shape, you don’t need flashy shirts.

Stick to high-quality classic styles.

If your physique is dialed in?

You will turn heads!

The Kino Clothing line is made for guys who get in movie star shape.

Kino Summer Clothing Line 2023

Add some core pieces to your wardrobe.

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Look better than 99% of men.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher