Body Mass Index (BMI) & Attraction

Let’s talk about Body Max Index and attraction.

Before I do that…

Here’s a simple calculator you can use to figure out your BMI.


Here’s what men and women find most attractive.

  • Men find women in the range of 18-20 as most attractive
  • Women are most attracted to men with a 24-26 BMI

Note: This calculator shows 26 BMI as being “Pre Obese”. Just ignore that since it doesn’t take muscle mass into account.

We are talking about being lean and hitting these numbers.

Ideally, 6-10% body fat.

The 24-26 BMI range is what I recommend in my programs.

I personally feel my best right around a 25 BMI.

Back in 2015, I got down to a 24 BMI.

I got down to 167-169 pounds.

I’d get comments from guys like, “Holy shit, you are so shredded”.

I really feel my best at 175-176.

That is a BMI of 25.

The heaviest I’ve ever reached while staying lean is 182, which is 26 BMI.

I don’t like a 26 BMI as much as I do 25.

And anything above 26 is bad…

If your BMI is too high, it looks kind of dorky.

Despite what the bodybuilder Youtube channels proclaim, getting as big as possible is NOT attractive to women.

Women are drawn to more natural proportions.

Think GQ magazine back in the day.

For most guys, that will be a 24 BMI.

For guys who have more muscle-building potential, they will hit 25-26.

Being lean at 24 BMI is a classically fit physique.

Like fit guys in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s…

Before lifting weights became mainstream (and when phones still had cords).

A 24 BMI is a great goal to aim for.

Anything between 24-26 while being around 10% body fat, and you will be f*ckn golden.

Too high of a BMI, and you won’t get attention from women…

Or at least not the type of women you are after.

Too low of a BMI, and guys will kind of slip through the cracks (pun intended).

So I recommend getting to 10% body fat (or less) and a 24-26 BMI.

This is a major focus of our coaching group.

Kino VIP

We will help get you to 10% body fat.

Then teach you exactly how to lean bulk to add enough muscle to turn heads.

Once you get here, you are set!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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