Free T More Important Than Total T

This past weekend, a large YouTube channel criticized some of my methods.

The channel is called Renaissance Periodization and has over 1 million subscribers.

It’s run by Dr. Mike Israetel.

I addressed all 9 of his critiques about the Kinobody methods in yesterday’s email.

If you missed that?

Read it here (opens in new window).

One of the things Mike was skeptical about was increasing testosterone with supplementation.

I was in the same camp as Mike a few years ago.

But the newest research backs a few key herbs and minerals.

And with Kino Mojo, customers are seeing results that have wildly exceeded all of my expectations.

What I forgot to stress in yesterday’s email are the results we are seeing in Free T.

After reading yesterday’s email, Brad Pilon sent me a DM.

*Brad Pilon is the absolute authority on Intermittent Fasting. Completed his Master’s Thesis on it in 2007 or 2008… long before most people had even heard of the term.

He’s one of the smartest guys in the fitness space.

I recommend following him on Instagram.

The DM he sent me was a great reminder.

It’s really FREE testosterone that matters most.

Some supplements just increase total T without much effect on free T

Mojo increases both free and total T.

I’ll give you an example of the difference this makes.

This is an extreme example…

Bridger TRIPLED his Free T on Mojo.

He went from 5.6 to 16.9!

The reason it was possible for his free T levels to triple is that his total T levels were at 795.

With that high of Total T…

His Free T levels should have been at 14-15.

  • Total testosterone – refers to the overall amount of testosterone circulating in the bloodstream.
  • Free testosterone – refers to the portion of testosterone that is not bound to proteins and is therefore, available for the body to use

Bridger was in a situation where he should have been able to unlock more testosterone.

Here’s his blood work from before taking Mojo.

His total T is really high.

His free T is at 56 pg/ml measurement.

This converts to 5.6 ng/dL.

This is super low.

Someone with this low of free T typically only has a total T level of 265.

His total testosterone is close to 800.

Based on his high total T levels, this low level of free T was an issue.

The Tongkat Ali, Boron, and Zinc in Mojo fixed this issue and this is why his Free T levels skyrocketed.

He has now added 8 pounds of muscle and hitting PRs like crazy.

This amount of muscle makes a DRAMATIC impact.

People assumed he added a lot more than 8 pounds of muscle.

One guy assumed he got up to 225 pounds (he’s actually 169 in that after pic).

In addition to taking Mojo, Bridger added muscle to the areas of his body that make a big f*ckn difference.

His shoulders, upper chest, back, and arms filled in dramatically.

This is all due to combining the right training program with this increase in testosterone.

This is just another example of someone using the Kinobody methods while taking Mojo.

This stuff works.

We have the research and testimonials to prove it.

*This guy stopped using the injectable T, switched to Mojo, and got better results!

Again, I understand why Mike is skeptical, but people like Andrew Huberman, a Ph.D. neuroscientist at Standford, agree with me.

It is possible to increase Free and Total T levels with supplementation.

Even if your T levels are “okay.”

I believe we’ve created the ultimate formula.

Kino Mojo

Try it for 60-90 days to feel the positive effects from the increase in Free and Total T.

Easier to gain muscle and get lean.

More energy, etc.

What are you waiting for?

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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