When to Lean Bulk for a Head-Turning Physique

A lot of times, guys think they have to cut longer than they do.

They don’t know when to do the lean bulk.

Getting lean is the first step.

But if you’re 5’11” and have a six-pack, but you’re only 145?

  • That’s not really the Greek God physique.
  • That’s not really the Movie Star physique.

We have to get you up to at least 170.

Muscle gain and lean bulk strategy are a big part of our new Kino VIP coaching program.

We’re first going to get you lean.

That’s the easy part, where we help you get your waist in.

Then it’s like, If you’re 6 feet tall, how do we get you to a lean and hard 185 pounds?

Russell Crowe is 6 feet tall and was roughly 180-185 pounds in the movie “Gladiator.”

*He looked good, but if I’m being honest, he could have dropped 10 more pounds of fat and gained more muscle to get to a chiseled 185.

A lot of guys that were bulky or skinny, fat, or overweight, they’re scared to transition to the lean bulk.

So they are never going to turn heads.

They’re never going to stand out from the crowd.

We have to get you lean and dialed in.

Then, once you’re relatively lean, 9%-10%…

There has to be a focus on getting you really strong, packing on pure muscle, getting you to hit PRs.

Kinobody is so damn effective at strength gain.

A lot of people never even get to capitalize on it because they’re always cutting.

When you lean bulk,

When you’re on the mojo.

You’re taking some creatine.

You can pack on muscle like there’s no tomorrow.

A 24-26 BMI is actually pretty jacked.

It’s pretty big.

A guy that’s 6’2” is going to be 190-200.

Most guys who get lean are leaving about 10-15 pounds of muscle on the table.

Join our coaching program, and we will show you exactly what to do EVERY step of the way.

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If you want to see where your BMI is at...

Here’s the Kino BMI Calculator.

You are aiming between a 24-26 BMI at 10% (or less) body fat.

It doesn’t count if you are 15-20% body fat.

In our coaching group, we will work with you, no matter where you have been stuck in the past.

Help you get to 10% body fat.

Then, work with you to get your PRs up.

Add 10-15 pounds of lean muscle with a proper lean bulk.

And f*ckn turn heads.

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